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Leave Funeral Guests with Warm Memories

Published: November 22, 2022

Have you ever attended a funeral where you were left with warm, uplifting memories? We hope you have had this experience. In the New Bedford area, more and more families are realizing that they can add personal touches to traditional funeral services. They can create an event that remembers the good times, hobbies, and personality traits of the person who passed—it is actually easier than you might think. Through thoughtful funeral preplanning with the guidance of a caring Funeral Director, families can have more control over how their loved ones are remembered. You, too, can leave funeral guests with warm memories of your loved one.

How Funeral Personalization Works

First, let’s look at how personalization and preplanning work together. The guidance of an experienced Funeral Director is important to making sure your needs are met. They can help arrange the details of cremation or burial while also asking you questions about what you want your services to be like.

For example, a couple can preplan their individual funerals to help people remember them at their best. Each spouse can include music and readings they loved in their services. They can note volunteer activities, awards they received, and lifetime accomplishments that the clergy or officiant should mention in a eulogy. Each person is unique, and their preferences can be made clear in the plans.

In addition to family photos, hobbies and other personal memories can be featured in a display. That could include someone who is a knitter or craftsman, or even a hunter or golfer. Items they created or used can be arranged to form a lovely display. The same goes for a world traveler, where photos from the person’s trips can enhance the visitation and memorial video.

If someone is known as an excellent cook or baker, the food served can represent their favorite recipes. Another option is to provide the person’s very best recipe to everyone in attendance—an easy, but meaningful gesture to help everyone keep the individual’s memory alive.

If an individual always wore a cap, they can request that guests wear their favorite hat to the services. In doing so, the guests feel more a part of the service, and it provides a conversation starter for the family and others in attendance.

Other options may include wearing a color to represent a favorite charity, such as pink for breast cancer or purple for Alzheimer’s Disease. The décor can also reflect the person’s favorite colors and flowers.

These details can be selected and listed in funeral plans and changed as needed. By preplanning with a Funeral Director, you can also stay within a budget while making sure the person’s life is fondly remembered.

Keeping Track of Memories

It may seem challenging to keep track of memories, but by being intentional, you can make sure your family knows about your preferences. You might start by creating a file folder—either a physical folder or a folder on your computer—marked “My Memories” and begin putting your ideas into that folder. Include copies of favorite family photos, documents that explain awards and accomplishments, and other memorabilia. The idea is to document your wishes and indicate where items that represent your life are located.

Benefits of Planning for a Funeral

In addition to making a fitting memorial for yourself or your loved ones, by taking action to plan your funeral, you can feel more in control of the future. Preplanning helps avoid your spouse or other family members feeling rushed or pressured to make decisions. If you have the decisions made for your final arrangements, it will help your family tremendously. When you make funeral plans, make sure to let your family know. It will provide them peace of mind.

Another option in funeral preplanning is to pay for the services in advance. This can protect your family from inflation and rising prices. Payment plans are available for funeral plans. You can pay for some or part of the expected cost. When you prepay, your funeral plans are transferable to a different funeral home if you move away from New Bedford.

Our Pre-Planning Form can help you begin the process of preplanning and personalizing the services. By completing this form, you provide our Funeral Director with basic information so the preplanning and personalization processes can begin. Once submitted, someone from Donaghy New Day Cremation and Funeral Services will contact you to set up a meeting where we will discuss personalization and other details.

Contact Us for Guidance

Many families are choosing more personalized services rather than leaving the decisions about their services to their family members. Remove a burden from your family—craft a memorial experience that highlights your life and personality. Personalizing your funeral or memorial services helps guests see the fulfilling life you have lived, which helps with the grieving process.

We are here to help you and your family anytime. To learn more, contact us today.

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