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Which is Better — Cremation or Burial?

Published: January 24, 2023

Families across the country and in New Bedford are curious about the difference between cremation and burial and which has more advantages. They often ask our funeral directors which is better — cremation or burial? However, the answer lies in what feels best for you and your family. Many families do find that cremation offers greater affordability and a wider range of options than burial. You will benefit from learning the differences and choosing cremation or burial based on your personal preferences.

Affordable and Flexible Cremation

Cremation can be a very affordable option, and it is one of the most flexible approaches because it allows for many options as to when, where and how services are conducted. The deceased is cremated shortly after death, and their cremains or ashes can be kept by a close relative or held at the funeral home or crematory. 

Memorial services are not a requirement, nor is a viewing. However, the family members may benefit from the closure a viewing provides. Many families choose cremation so they can schedule a memorial service a few weeks or months later. This allows distant family members and friends to make plans to attend the service. This also allows more time to gather photos and other personal items and information that can enhance the services.

Cremains may be buried or dispersed. Having a place to visit the deceased provides comfort to many families. An urn can be purchased, or families sometimes use their own containers with sentimental value to hold the ashes. As for interment or burial, some families with cemetery plots may be able to bury their loved ones together in a single plot, saving on the expense of purchasing an additional plot. Another option is a niche in a columbarium. 

Traditional Services with Burial

Burial offers a more traditional path that often includes a viewing, wake, funeral ceremony, and/or graveside services. Families can choose some or all of these options prior to burial in the ground or a mausoleum. Many families find burial and the funeral services and graveside services to be healing.

Burial includes additional steps and products, which increases the cost versus cremation. The funeral director will embalm the deceased, and a casket will be required as well as a cemetery plot and marker. When compared to cremation, burial often costs more due to the extra products and services involved in preparing the deceased, viewing the body, holding traditional services in a church or funeral home, and burying the deceased in a cemetery.

New Day’s package pricing options help make cremation and burial more affordable for families from the South Shore area. Simple Cremation and New Day Simple Cremation with Memorial Service are our two most affordable packages starting at less than $2,000. Families choosing burial also have three packages to choose from, including the New Day Graveside Service Package for less than $3,000. Additional services can always be added to create a personalized healing experience.

Contact Donaghy New Day Cremation and Funeral Care to learn more about preplanning a funeral for yourself or a loved one. Planning ahead can protect your family from increasing prices while providing reassurance and peace of mind for you and your family.

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